Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where did all the christians go?

You'd think that the rapture was real and had already occurred, with the lack of voices critizing our government for legalizing the torture of prisoners in the War on Terror. Anyone missing family or friends? No? Then why aren't we hearing more from the wwjd christians on this issue?

While there is some ambiguity about how their superhero, Jesus, felt about dealing with his enemies, most will agree that the current view is of a peace loving, cheek turning, shepherd of the weak and helpless. So where are they? This should right up their alley. This is what their religion runs on, peace, love and compassion. Yet, they're not standing up and denouncing this evil that our government is unleashing.

They waste no time when it comes to homosexuality, abortion or the right to die a dignified death, but from all appearances, torture gets a pass. Why is that? I'm at a loss for an explaination. These defenders of American morals have all but disappeared in the face of this moral debate. I can only assume that they support torture. Amen.

The greatest country on the planet, and we're reduced to torturing prisoners for information. Sad and disgusting. We are the terrorists now. There is no other way to see it.

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