Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In the name of Jesus get out of my house!

Nice example why some think religion is a mental disorder.

This woman needs serious help.


AtheistAJ said...

[quote]Nice example why some think religion is a mental disorder.[/quote]I couldn't agree more. Religion is a mental illness and religious people all need psychiatric help.

Blue Gal said...

Now now, children.

She is famous for her classic bi-polar outburst. It's sad that so many so-called "Christians" are mis-led into thinking their faith is threatened by those who do not agree.

I, myself, practice a rather simple Christianity, based on what I perceive to be the teachings of Jesus: be meek, be a peacemaker, if you have to pray, do it in private.

I think if there is a God he is laughing his omnipotent butt off at all the human debate going on specifically in his name.

Anyway, I like your blog. Found you through Crooks and Liars. I need a few more smart, well-spoken athiests on my blogroll. Adding you, babe.